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Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering is a 4-year ABET  accredited engineering program at the University of Minnesota. Seniors in our program are required to take BBE 4502W Capstone Design, which is the culminating design experience before graduating. Our students specialize in either Bioproducts Engineering, Ecological and Environmental Engineering, or Food Engineering. (See specialization details below.)

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Bioproducts Engineering

Students in this specialization are prepared to play a vital role in the global sustainable bio-economy.

  • Design and develop sustainable process and product solutions to meet the world's growing material, chemical, and energy demands
  • Apply process engineering principles and practices to renewable bioresources
  • Design and implement solutions for sustainable manufacturing of biobased green products such as biofuels, bioenergy, biochemicals, bioplastics, paper, building materials, and composites

Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Students in this specialization are prepared to find sustainable solutions for the mutual benefit of both natural systems and systems significantly affected by human activities.

  • Explore, develop, and implement effective systems and sound solutions to address human impact on our natural environment
  • Focus on applications to land and water resources as well as water, air, and soil quality
  • Use and improve methods of land-use management, ecosystem services, ecological restoration, and waste management

Food Engineering

Students in this specialization are prepared to design, develop, and implement cost-effective systems and solutions for food manufacturing and processing technologies.

  • Create sustainable solutions to address the global need for food security
  • Provide safe, high quality, and nutritious food and promote healthy living
  • Design, develop, and implement food processing and manufacturing technologies