Faculty Technical Advisor Role

 Additional Information:

The goal is to have FTA’s stay up to date with the technical aspects of the project to make sure that the team is considering the most important technical and engineering aspects of the project. We also want FTA’s to make sure that the teams are conducting appropriate analyses and doing the analyses correctly using the best available techniques, approaches, data and assumptions.

 New at Being and FTA?:

Here are a few things to consider when interacting with your team.

  1. A brief check in. (Personal lives can be complicated and disrupt student and team work. It might be useful to know if there is something going on that is disrupting the team members and their work.)
  2. Briefly review the project statement, constraints and desired deliverable / outcome.
  3. What engineering approaches or analyses are you planning to use?
  4. Why are you using those engineering approaches and analyses? 
  5. What other approaches or analyses did you consider? Why not use them? (If the team has missed something important, please let them know and why.)
  6. What data or inputs are you using? Where did the data or inputs come from? 
  7. What assumptions are you making? (Help students recognize assumptions they are making whether they know it or not.)
  8. Do you have any questions about the engineering approaches or analyses you are using?
  9. Do you have any other questions?